A look inside Rod Kinsey’s motor museum at Munster

Laid back Munster now has a new tourism attraction to boast about. Besides some lovely seaside homes and hospitality properties there is now the Munster Motor Museum. Before the launch last week, I took a trip to the site and was shown around the property. In a nutshell the collection… Read more »

Musical memory from South Coast Bike Fest: Brian Finch and his band


Sights and sounds video: Official opening of South Coast Bike Fest


WATCH: South Coast Bike Fest – sights and sounds

Lencel’s roaming camera was in Margate to catch the sights and sounds of the South Coast Bike Fest. PHOTOS: South Coast Bike Fest off to roaring start….check here for full programme

PHOTOS: South Coast Bike Fest

The South Coast Bike Fest got off to a roaring start with just over 23 000 people attending the opening day on Thursday. Event organiser, Vicky Wentzel, said that 14 129 people had registered online for the event while a further 9342 registered with the crew at the event. The… Read more »