Great Drives Out #1

Do you Love Adventure?

The kind that few traditional tourists experience. That has an irresistible pull into the less explored and untainted. Where you meet real people with generous smiles, eager to share their homes, lives and culture with you…

Bushy Vales >> Izingolweni >> Shelly Beach

Enjoy a scenic drive from the start in Bushy Vales on a raod less travelled via KwaXolo Caves. Lake Eland and the beautiful Oribi Gorge ending a great drive out in Shelly Beach!


Start your trip at 0km. At each km reading you will notice a point of interest…

0 Km – 1

Just past the Outlook Farm, at the robots continue on the Bushy Valley Road, driving torwards KwaXolo caves

2.7 km > Pass Banana plantations

4.0 km > View of Sugar Cane plantation

6.5 km > Dimbane Eating Place and Jabula Tavern

7.4 km > View of Sports Complex KwaXolo being built on the left

8.5 km > Gcilima Church and Gcilima Clinic can be seen

14.6 km > Church of Christ

15.5 km > Photo oppurtuinity of KwaXolo Caves

16.8 km – 2

Turn off Tar Road to the Left and you will be able to park and walk past a school to a viewpoint of KwaXolo Caves

18.2 km  > Return to tar road. Turn off left to KwaXolo Caves. Turn left as you leave the Tar road and experience the Tribal Court and there are ablutions available

18.5 km > Turn right and continue to KwaXolo Caves

20.1 km > Turn Left at KwaVuka Centre and continue on dirt road

22.4 km – 3

Arrive at KwaXolo caves with KwaXolo Madumbes on the left. Turn around and backtrack to tar road. Turn left and continue to Izingolweni

32.3 km > Centre Point Supermaket

38.7 km – 4

You will meet the N2. Turn Left to Izingolweni

42.5 km > Turn right to Lake Eland (ROAD SIGN – ORIBI FLATS WEST)

43.0 km > Ezinqoleni Mission – rest rooms – right

48.9 km – 5

View of Lake Eland Zip Line to your right

51.9 km > Photo moment of Hell’s Gate on your right

56.7 km – 6

Nyanga Tavern on your left is a “must do” experience the local shebeen atmosphere

58.9 km > Lake Eland is on your right where you can book a trip on their 4×4 Trail or Zipline

63.6 km > 7 Tea Tree oil distillery – left

74.2 km > Turn Right and follow Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve Road through the Gorge


You can continue 1.5km to Leopard Rock for something to eat and drink. Return back to this point to continue on the route

78,00 km > View Point of the Gorge

79.4 km – 9

Nature Reserve (Scenic Hikes, Picnic Spot and Rest Rooms) before the picturesque low level bridge

83.3 km > Turn Right at the N2 towards Izingolweni

88 km > Gorgez View is on your left as you continue

88.9 km – 10

Turn Left into Paddock. Petrol Station is on your right. Pass Police station and bottle store

96.6 km > Church of Christ 102 km Turn Left off the tar road to the Shembe Church

102.3 km > 11 Arrive at Shembe Church

108 km – 12

Lutheran Curch and kc’s coffee shop for refreshments

Finish 13

Continue on the main road towards Shelly Beach passing the South Coast Mall to finish the tour